CBC claims that ove 70% of Students battle loneliness

As reported by CBC, a recent survey was done for the National College Health Assessment with 43000 students from Canadian Universities. It was reported that 66% of students experienced a sense of loneliness over the past year. Over half of the students also reported that they felt very depressed throughout the year and it was ‘difficult to function’.

The article goes on to state that this is a phenomenon that most of the counselor’s at Universities (such as the counselor’s on the Winnipeg Campus) are aware of. David Ness, the director of student counselling at the University of Manitoba, suggested for students to join groups as a way ‘to stave off loneliness’ and that they should ‘reach out before it reaches a crisis’.

“Nearly 70% Of University Students Battle Loneliness During School Year, Survey Says”. 2016. CBC News. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/university-loneliness-back-to-school-1.3753653.