UBC Collegia

“What Is Your Favourite Thing About UBC Collegia?”. 2016. Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2fOHyQDDzM.


UBC Collegia

The first year at a University is the hardest for all students to overcome as it is a whole new experience that we aren’t prepared to go through on our own. There are different struggles that students face when they live on-campus or off-campus but they are still difficult.

From my own experience, my first year was the hardest year for me to handle as I lived on-campus in a town far away from home and I didn’t have anyone to talk to. This had a serious effect on my schoolwork since I was feeling very depressed and lonely and as a result, I was put on Academic Probation after my first year. I ignored my dorm mates and had a roommate who moved out after the first month so it was very difficult for me to have anyone to turn to and yet I felt as if I had to hide this from everyone.

My main regret from my first year at University is that I didn’t look out for any communities for me to join or seek out any assistance to cope with my depression before it led up to me ending up on Academic Probation.

One example that I have come across during my campus tour is the UBC Collegia Program.

The UBC Collegia Program is a community for first-year students, who are living off-campus, to join in where they have access to a kitchen, a study area, and just a place to meet friends.

There are various pros and cons about this program.

As a pro, this is an effective way for students to get to know each other since they meet people from various faculties who are all first years. Another example would be that it could help students with their studies since they have an extra space for them to study in but they could also create study groups more easily. There are also workshops and programs within UBC Collegia that student’s are allowed to attend as well that can help their University experience.

A con are the fact that there is a fee to become a member for this program which not every student is able to afford. Another con would be that there is no control over who gets to join so it would be difficult to control the type of space that UBC Collegia could create that other students might not find welcoming.


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CBC claims that ove 70% of Students battle loneliness

As reported by CBC, a recent survey was done for the National College Health Assessment with 43000 students from Canadian Universities. It was reported that 66% of students experienced a sense of loneliness over the past year. Over half of the students also reported that they felt very depressed throughout the year and it was ‘difficult to function’.

The article goes on to state that this is a phenomenon that most of the counselor’s at Universities (such as the counselor’s on the Winnipeg Campus) are aware of. David Ness, the director of student counselling at the University of Manitoba, suggested for students to join groups as a way ‘to stave off loneliness’ and that they should ‘reach out before it reaches a crisis’.

“Nearly 70% Of University Students Battle Loneliness During School Year, Survey Says”. 2016. CBC News. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/university-loneliness-back-to-school-1.3753653.